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Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell's columns are quickly becoming one of my favorite weekly reads.  I was turned on to his writings when I attended a class about a year ago that dealt with "Everyday Economics" -- a topic that is even more important these days in light of the financial meltdown.  It is a class I have recommended to others and a topic that I think needs to be taught more widely.

After that class, I read Sowell's book "Basic Economics" and found it to be a rather easy read given the subject matter and its length.  Economics is one of the subjects I wish I could go back and study (well I suppose I can) again because when I took classes in pursuit of my undergraduate degree I pretty much just cared about earning a passing grade so that I could get on to the next class.  Sometimes learning is wasted on the young I guess!!

At any rate, Thomas Sowell tackles the housing boom/bust in his latest column:

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