Nothing beats the NHL playoffs

Brenden Schaaf / April 28, 2009

I’m sure there are statistics online somewhere that I could quote, but I don’ t need them to know that the NHL playoffs are something special.  As I write this, Anaheim is putting the finishing touches on a 4-2 series win over San Jose.  In most leagues, a #8 seed rarely beats a #1 seed.  In the NHL it seems like it happens all the time.

nhlEver since the 1993 Stanley Cup playoffs when Patrick Roy lead the Canadiens to the championship by outlasting team after team in what seemed like an endless series of overtime games, I have been hooked on hockey deep into the spring.  At times it seems odd to be glued to the TV watching two teams I wouldn’t watch for a half-period in February battle  night after night (especially when it is 75 degrees outside) but it seems to make so much more sense to me to watch hockey that matters than baseball that doesn’t (especially when ESPN carries the Sox or Yanks over and over).

Tomorrow night (or should I say later today), two series will come down to a final, 7th game as the Rangers take on the Capitals and the Hurricanes meet the Devils.  There is nothing better than a 7th game, except a 7th game that goes to overtime.  Here’s to hoping that at least one of the games Tuesday night goes late into the evening…if only so I can stay up late to watch it!

Now if only the NHL could get rid of the phantom point in the regular season that allows 80% of the league to finish above .500…but then again, do those games really matter?  Maybe I’ll need to pick up some Molson to make Tuesday night truly authentic…

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