What to do about the swine flu?

Brenden Schaaf / April 30, 2009

Reports of an “imminent pandemic” due to a new strain of the H1N1 influenza virus seem to leave me with more questions than answers.  One of the few things I’ve read that doesn’t seem to be hype-filled is a piece from The Economist:


and here is something from WCCO that I also found to be hype-free:


I guess maybe I’m cynical of most media because of how much hype there is related to whatever it is that is the story of the day.  Have you noticed how much of the news is now “Breaking News!” in large, bold font at the bottom of your television screen?  The economy is latest big topic, but from the Octomom to hurricanes to a 3″ snowfall in January in Minnesota to Ashton Kutcher’s count of Twitter followers, every story is hyped to the max…so now the Swine Flu pandemic story comes out and I really don’t know what to believe. 

It seems to me that the usual flu fighting activties (get enough sleep, eat well, wash your hands, etc.) are what will give you the best chance of avoiding illness with the possible addition of vitamin D3 supplementation as a precautionary measure.  And if you get sick, head to your doctor and get an anti-viral medication as soon as possible.  What won’t help you is getting panicked by the media hype-machine that uses fear to drive ratings (and it must work or they wouldn’t do it).

Edited to add one more link:


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