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Easing the sting of buying a new car

truecar_logoA new website,, has launched with a goal of providing consumers with information about quoted prices at local auto dealers that will allow them to know if they are or are not getting a good deal.  They supposedly collect actual pricing information from public records, lenders, etc. and eventually will offer vehicle sales through their website.

I'm the kind of person that hates buying a car because no matter what I feel like I'm going to feel like I got ripped off.  At least with a site like maybe I'll be that much more educated and at least feel like I came away with a deal.  A lot is going to depend on how reliable/accurate their data tends to be.  Sites like Zillow have tried to do the same thing with houses to mixed reviews.  I would think that crunching data with cars will be easier since there are more transaction and a 2009 Toyota Sienna XLE is the same whether you are buying it in Minneapolis or Bismarck.

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