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Brenden Schaaf / May 4, 2009

xmarksfirefoxNearly half of you probably already use Firefox as your primary web browser, but I bet even if you use it regularly that there are lots of ways that Firefox could make your life easier, if only you knew about them.  The great thing about Firefox is that there are lots of add-ons, but finding them is often difficult.  I’ll share some of my most loved add-ons over time (some I have now and some that I hope to discover through this process) so keep checking back for more posts like this one if you find it helpful.  And if you haven’t tried Firefox it is free to download/install and few people I know have tried it and then gone back to whatever they were using before.

The main Firefox add-on I live by these days is one called Xmarks (it was called Foxmarks until a couple months ago) and the main feature of Xmarks is the ability to synchronize your bookmarks/favorites across multiple computers and web browsers.  That’s right…Xmarks now works with Safari and Internet Explorer (I guess that’s the reason for the name change) so your bases are covered even if you have no control over the web browsing software you use (because of a restrictive employer or computer-controlling spouse, for example!).  There is now even the ability to set up profiles so that you can have a separate set of “work” bookmarks to use at the office and “home” bookmarks to use everywhere else.

With the name change, Xmarks also started doing a few other things beyond the bookmark management, like site suggestion based on other users’ bookmarks, bookmark tagging to make them easier to find, and marking top sites on Google with a little Xmarks logo.  I wouldn’t doubt if some more things are on the horizon because I get the feeling that the Xmarks folks are looking to find a way to make some money, but the bookmark-sync alone is enough to keep me as a loyal user and my bookmarks stay the same on 3 different machines and my flash drive without me having to think about them.  Here is to hoping it stays free!

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