The Supreme Court politicized…now more than ever

Brenden Schaaf / May 9, 2009

The Supreme Court and the nomination process has been becoming more politicized than ever, the point where any cases that are the least bit controversial tend to come down to the one or two justices that don’t vote as a bloc based on conservative vs. liberal ideologies.  I’m fairly certain the framer’s of our great country did not intend for this to happen, but they probably didn’t forsee such a strong two-party stranglehold on the government or the strong federal and weak states system we have either.

Thomas Sowell tackles the latest opportunity for a president to influence this great institution in Barack Obama’s methods and statements regarding his choice to replace the retiring Justice Souter later this year.  Agree or disagree, it is hard to argue that Sowell makes for good reading.  This series of posts is no exception.

“Empathy” Versus Law by Thomas Sowell:

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