Chicken riots?

Brenden Schaaf / May 12, 2009

The Oprah/KFC free grilled chicken giveaway and subsequent denials of riots have overshadowed a local chicken story that I find even funnier.  The Popeye’s franchise on Lake Street did not participate in a national campaign on Earth Day to sell an 8-piece fried chicken bucket for $4.99, which had people “crying fowl” according to KMSP’s Tom Lyden.  He covered the sotry and mangaed to stir things up.  In the process he got some priceless quotes including one that seems to indicate that the folks that expected this location to honor a national ad campaign should have known better (they apparently didn’t honor the last one month earlier, one woman reports).  But my favorite is the guy who claims to have taken a cab from Burnsville (wouldn’t that cost $80-$100 round trip?) to save $5 on chicken.  Of course maybe he was going to buy 240 pieces of chicken to come out ahead…

Burnsville to Popeye’s – view Google Map

Perhaps the most shocking thing about this story is that someone else hasn’t been able to capitalize on the willingness of people to do irrational things in the face of great marketing efforts. Although it did sound like a lot of the folks at Popeye’s were buying the chicken anyway so maybe the owners of that restaurant know what they are doing.

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