Brenden Schaaf / July 3, 2009

Because MapMyFitness (and related sites like MapMyRide) have decided to now charge for the BlackBerry iMapMyRide application, I decided to hunt around for something else that I could use to record bike trips that I take using my Blackberry’s built-in GPS. I’m not opposed to buying the iMapMyRide application (interestingly, the iPhone version remains free), but $5/month (or $100/year for the Gold membership to get the app for free) is a bit steep in my opinion.

Luckily, I stumbled upon this post that explained how to use Instamapper to record your ride and then from there you can export the trip to a file on your computer in GPX format, which can then be imported to MapMyRide (or related). So it’s a few more steps but isn’t really that hard and the nice thing is that it works with more smartphones than just the Blackberry.

In fact, Instamapper offers some decent mapping capabilities as well so with a little more experimenting I may just decide to leave my map data on their site instead of even moving it over to MapMyRide.  Perhaps the best part is that the site (including maps) isn’t cluttered up with advertisements (see below). I do like how MapMyRide inserts mile markers along the route and it just seems a bit more advanced, but maybe Instamapper has those things too and I just don’t know how to use it (or maybe features will be added).
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