Mariner of the Seas – Day 7

Brenden Schaaf / September 22, 2009

August 22, 2009
At sea enroute from Puerto Vallarta to San Pedro (Los Angeles)

Main pool area as seen from the Lounge at the top of the ship before we left port one day (hence the apparent lack of people)
Main pool area as seen from the Lounge at the top of the ship before we left port one day (hence the apparent lack of people)

Yippee!  Another sea day!  Despite the warnings given by the captain on Friday that this was going to be a chilly day, it turned out to be another beautiful day for enjoying the sun.  It certainly wasn’t “hot” by any means (temperatures in the mid 70s most of the day and only 68 at Noon) but the sun was strong and warm and the breeze had just a hint of crispness that kept things comfortable, in my opinion.

We got out of bed early given that we spun the clocks backwards an hour in preparation for arriving back in Los Angeles tomorrow.  After a 1 mile walk around the track on Deck 12 (we walked together today for the first time) we enjoyed breakfast at the Windjammer where around 9:00 a clamor spread through the dining room as whales made an appearance on both sides of the ship.  It was as if we had split a group of them in two traveling through their domain.  Nearly everyone crowded around the windows of the Windjammer to catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures and they did not disappoint.  I heard later that some people saw some dolphins as well, but we didn’t spot them.  We also didn’t have our camera with us, unfortunately, so will have only our memories of the whales to enjoy in the future.

After breakfast, Heather took up her position in the secret area which I now found out is called “St. Tropez.”  It was once again deserted and after some time in the library where I finished reading “The Dumbest Generation” and checked in for tomorrow’s flight, I joined her up there for a short spell.  After that I spent some time on the ship making preparations for our departure and taking some photos now that the camera battery had some more juice.  I also purchased the photo taken as we boarded the ship (somehow $20 for an 8×10” photo makes more sense on the 7th day than it did on the 2nd day) and an equally expensive frame/book for it.  That was about the only way I could see us getting it safely back to Minnesota.

With Heather still up in the sun I once again took up my perch in the library to use up some more of our internet credit and to read another book called “Cheap.”  I’m stuck in a non-fiction mode right now and am so ready for Kent Krueger’s newest Corcoran O’Connor mystery to arrive in a couple weeks so that I can read a more fun-filled book, but so far I’ve enjoyed all of the books I’ve read on this cruise.

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