Amazon vs. UPS — I end up being the loser…

Brenden Schaaf / November 17, 2009

I ordered this cable:

so my wife can hook up her ipod in her van and play it through the stereo.  I have free shipping through Amazon Prime so for 99 cents it shows up at my door two days later.  Excellent deal in my opinion.

For some reason (probably because they are losing their ass on this deal) Amazon sends it as requiring an IN PERSON SIGNATURE!!  So UPS won’t leave the damn thing at my house and I’ll never be home when they deliver to sign for it.  For a 99 cent item!!  The stupid thing is that I also ordered a GPS and they left that box on my porch on the same day they did their 1st attempt.

I emailed Amazon to bitch and they came back to me with an asinine response about “sorry it was lost in transit” and “it is up to UPS to decide to require a signature or not”  — neither of which is true because I called UPS and they said Amazon is the ones requiring a signature.  Of course that makes sense since the tracking information says that too:

So I called UPS when I got home from tonight and they said they won’t attempt to deliver it any more and I have to drive to Maple Grove to pick up my 99 cent wire.   I called Amazon and the guy I talked to called UPS and he came back on the line and said that “UPS is already sending it back to us so there isn’t anything we can do” which contradicts what UPS just told me 10 minutes before.  They said they would hold it until next Tuesday at the Maple Grove office.

So now the Amazon guy said he would call them again and he is going to call me back in a half hour to let me know what the word is.   They still offered to overnight a new one but of course that will probably require a signature too.  Uggggghhh…

[UPDATE 11/17/2009 9:33PM]

The guy at Amazon phone back and said that UPS will not attempt to redeliver even though Amazon has requested that they do.  He did admit that it was an error in the Amazon system that resulted in this situation and he apologized profusely.  He also is going to refund my 99 cents (whoopee!) and they are sending a replacement via overnight service as soon as they get more in stock.  No promises, though, that the new shipment wouldn’t require a signature…stay tuned.

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