I have 294 passwords…but I only need to remember one!

Brenden Schaaf / November 10, 2013

password hellI really do wish I had more time to write blog posts for this site.  It isn’t that I don’t have things to say — it’s that I have so much to say that I tend to say them on Twitter in 140 character bursts instead of here in long-form posts.  In addition, I continue to contribute to the Minnesota Society of CPAs member publication, Footnote.  I’ve written here about LastPass before and I tackled the issue of password generation/vault software for the September issue of Footnote.  I have been impressed by the feedback I have received and I hope that everyone that is serious about security and about making their lives simpler investigates the use of LastPass or a similar password management software solution.  Here’s a link to my article: http://www.mncpa.org/publications/footnote/2013-09/I-have-294-passwords-but-I-only-need-to-remember-one.aspx

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