PowerSquid: use all the outlets on your power strip

Brenden Schaaf / May 28, 2009

psqurge100566Thanks to a camelcamelcamel alert, I was notified that the price had dropped at Amazon on the Philips PowerSquid Surge Protector.  The PowerSquid is one of my favorite items and I was tipped off to its usefulness at a continuing ed conference I attended a couple years ago.  I immediately snapped one up at $24.01 last night only to have the price later fall further to $22.28 this morning (only two left as I write this so it probably won’t be that cheap for long).  Even for a couple bucks more than the lowest price it is still an excellent value, in my opinion.  From looking at the camelcamelcamel graph of long term prices (see below) I could have guessed that the price would drop further, but for a couple dollars it wasn’t worth missing out on this deal because I need one of these right now (“need” being a word that is a tad strong I suppose, but when Amazon calls I answer).

camelcamelcamel long-term price history on the PowerSquid Surge Protector
camelcamelcamel long-term price history on the PowerSquid Surge Protector

The great thing about the PowerSquids (and there are other models to choose from wihout surge protection, for example, or in different colors) is that you can actually use every single outlet.  The unit looks like a squid (hence the name) where each outlet is on a short cord attached at a central location.  Near my computer I was able to go from using four “normal” power strips to using two PowerSquids because I could actually use every outlet on the PowerSquid, whereas before the large “brick” plugs on many items blocked up to three outlets in addition to the one being used.  In addition to being tidier, it seems safer (I have no idea if it actually is) to have a more neatly orgranized bunch of wires using two collection points, plus I still have wall outlets free for other uses.

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