Got a 2nd HDTV = more decisions than I bargained for

Brenden Schaaf / June 12, 2010

Is anyone using DirecTV Whole-Home DVR service? I’d like to hear how/if it works.

Here’s the situation: we got a new flat panel for the bedroom and are looking at options where we can have HD service there but also watch shows in the bedroom that are on the DVR in our living room in HD quality.

Currently we have Dish Network and our current DVR (722) can output only SD signal to TV2. So a 2nd option (other than switching to DirecTV) is that we could upgrade to Dish 922k DVR and hope they release the “HDTV Multi-Room Extender” (which is really an HD SlingCatcher) soon also. I like Dish’s receivers better than DirecTV’s because it can record from over-the-air sources in addition to satellite sources so +1 to Dish for this as an option.

A 3rd option is to build a over-the-air DVR/PC for the bedroom. I could put a blu-ray player in that and it would do double-duty but, of course, we’d be limited to watching recorded shows in HD that came from over-the-air sources (which is probably 80% of what we record to be honest).  This idea is gaining favor in my mind now that I’ve written it, actually. A minor annoyance is that we would have some shows recorded in both places (on the PC in the bedroom and on the DVR in the living room) so it would be harder to manage what we have watched and not watched.

Every option has advantages/disadvantages to the point where I’m spinning in circles trying to decide what to do. Seeking advice!!

One final item of note is that my wife claims to not be able to tell the difference between SD and HD so this is only a big deal to me 🙂

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